Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth


Welcoming Abundance Group Experience

Led By Melody Litton

A 28 Day Experience to blast away negative blocks and limiting beliefs, to delete the old story of lack and never having enough, and to begin expanding toward the vibration of wealth and abundance. 


UPDATE: After three rounds of this process we have now paid down TWENTY-THREE thousand dollars in debt, not seven :) 




Our first seven rounds of this 28 Day Experience have been PHENOMENAL and I Can't wait to welcome even more beautiful people into our group!

What to Expect:

28 Days of Focused Attention and Willingness; moderated within a private Facebook Group. 

Each day will include any combination of the following and requires about a 15 minute per day commitment

  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Writing and Speaking Affirmations
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Energy Healing Techniques 
  • Feng Shui Principles
  • Use of Powerful Symbols and images
  • Healing Music
  • There will be bonus activities that you may choose throughout the course. You'll do the ones that speak to you and let go of the ones that do not

Optional: Participate in a small group Mastermind each week to brainstorm, to be supported, and to create even greater power in manifesting your hopes and dreams. 


By joining the group you commit to sticking with it for the full 28 days (longer if you choose)! Some part of you is longing for healing, growth and abundance. You'll honor yourself and the rest of us in the group by staying committed to the process, even when feeling discouraged, bored, afraid or overwhelmed. And, when you're feeling those negative feelings, you commit to reaching out to the group for the support you need!

1- Financial Commitment is $49- We require a financial investment for two reasons. FIRST- we truly do want you to be committed! We want people within our group who are committed to healing and change and who will add to the energy of the group, not detract from it. Investing some cash helps boost the commitment level. SECOND- an exchange freely given is a key to financial abundance. We must learn to give our money with love and to receive it with love; letting go of fear and doubt!

2- Gift Contribution- Each participant  commits to gifting one item or service freely during your 28 day process. These may be hand made or purchased items, a professional service, or anything that you know might bring some joy or happiness to someone else. It may be expensive or inexpensive. Ideas include: Jewelry, Good Books, Essential Oils, Healing Services, Gift Cards, Crystals and Stones, Date Night or Restaurant Gift Cards, Spa or Massage Gift Cards etc, Amazon Card. Items/Services do NOT need to be holistic or healing in nature (but they can be if you choose!) They can be anything that you feel might bring a smile or happiness to the recipient. We are merely practicing giving and receiving with JOY :)


I am not promising anyone who joins this group any wealth or any increase in financial gain. I do not claim the power to heal you or fix your financial life. BUT I have witnessed these things shifting for myself and believe in the power of these principles and efforts. It is working for me and I desire to commit myself to the process of healing and growth in these areas. I appreciate that you want to join me as I grow in my ability to welcome wealth and abundance and I promise to do my best to support and be with you as you shift and grow in these areas as well. Together we are more powerful. Thank you for choosing to join me.