Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

"I've never had anyone I could be 100% honest with- share my secrets, my fears, my hopes, and the things I'm afraid of. Knowing I have this with you is freeing on so many levels. Thank you, you have no idea what you mean to me." -Cassie 

"I came to Melody for help with PTSD and Anxiety. I have been amazed at the healing power of our sessions. I have tried all types of therapy, and, although each has helped, hypnotherapy has taken me down a path that is much deeper and fulfilling. I continue to work with Melody and feel I am finally on my way to true recovery. "  -Tiffany

"I was nervous to do hypnotherapy because I didn't know what to expect. Expect to have an awesome experience where you get to more fully use the atonement to heal old hurts and help you experience more joy in your life. I am so blessed to know Melody and have benefited from her unique brand of healing." -Lara

"That was really, really cool. I feel happy inside." B.L. age 9

"I was recently blessed with the good fortune of being able to meet and become acquainted with Melody as she was visiting mutual friends.  I have realized for some time that I have "issues" that I would like to be able to better understand, sort-out, and work through, but I seem to have always struggled in that regard.  I feel like I must be a fairly hard nut to crack in that way.  Although I was only able to have one private session with Melody, I ultimately experienced a breakthrough that allowed me to connect with my subconscious/higher self in a way that otherwisealways seems to have eluded me, and seemed to be out-of-reach.  This experience gave me important foundational insights that will hopefully help serve as a starting place for additional discoveries and understanding." -Todd

And from those who have used my online classes

"We have tried so many things, but this has been fabulous. Our daughter loves Melody's voice and she explains it to others as learning to be in control of her bladder. Very empowering! Thank you!!" -Alecia; Dry Nights: Goodbye Bed-wetting

"Melody's course "Heal the Habit" was all that I thought it would be plus a lot more! I found it to be life-altering and paradigm-shifting. I enjoy reviewing past audio lectures and strengthening my anchors and buoying my soul :) Thank you for this course!" -Lori

". . .Heal the Habit is not about will power and teaching you how to keep the addicted animal "in the cage" (once an addict . . . always an addict) It is about helping you re-discover your Spiritual power and your inherit value - two elements that are critical in actually removing addictions from your person. Melody Litton has obviously done her homework in preparing this course for individual use. . ." -Bill

". . .The instructor has a calming and soothing voice, a love for others that you can just sense, and a love of helping others. You can tell she practices what she preaches. I will be using this over as needed and desired many times in the future. . ." -Stacy

"I wanted to say thank you for the courses that you have put on Udemy. They have literally changed my life." -Karen