Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Private Sessions with Melody

If you are looking for a partner and friend to guide you inside yourself, to help you find a way to let go of false beliefs, to heal deeply and fully, and to create a more fulfilling life, please reach out today.


Heart- Centered Hypnotherapy

With the use of hypnotherapy, we can come to better understand where we've been and how we've become who we are. We can access subconscious memories, experiences, and emotions with the intention of better understanding ourselves, our current life, stress, and emotional triggers. These sessions lead to beautiful self-awareness. Most individuals are highly un-aware of why they do the things they do and why they feel the way they feel. Hypnotherapy is designed to uncover the underlying reasons with the intention of bringing awareness and consequently, power to change. 


Energy Healing

I incorporate energy healing techniques into every session. Our energy body is just as beautiful and important as our physical body. Imbalances of the energy body lead to emotional stress and physical dis-ease. With gentle guidance, we can release blockages and allow your energy to begin flowing freely again, leading to greater health, peace, balance, and vitality. 

Your session may call for any combination of the following energy healing techniques: Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval, Energetic Cleansing, Cord Cutting, and Removal of Spirit Attachments


Life Coaching 

As we begin healing and reclaiming our truth and personal power, the time comes to start moving forward. When we learn from the past, embrace the present and truly reclaim all parts of our self through our healing work, we have greater ability to create the life our soul longs for. 

As a life coach, it is my privilege to walk beside you as you envision and create the life you are meant to have. I cheer you on, call you out, hold you accountable, and help you see clearly the truth already within you. You know the answers. I simply help you remember them. 


Through the intentional movement of the body we are able to release negative patterns, let go of unhealthy energies, and to allow life force energy to truly flow through us, blessing every area of our body, mind and spirit.

Sivananda Hatha Yoga philosophies and postures are incorporated into our healing work. Even those who have never attempted or considered yoga will discover the deep and lasting benefits of embracing this ancient and pure practice of aligning with Divine Energy.