Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Soul Alignment

Align with your soul purpose and calling to create passion, joy, and prosperity


Create Joy and Abundance Through Living Your Fullest Truth

For Those Who Have Done Much Of Their Personal Healing Work and Who Are Ready for the Next Level of Growth

Get Clear

Your soul isn't on this earth by accident. You've chosen to be here for a purpose. Through the Soul Alignment program we help you to understand, align with, and fully live this purpose. 

Understanding and aligning with your soul's purpose brings incredible clarity and peace. It helps to alleviate fear and doubt, and gives you the focus you need in propelling forward at a new and powerful speed. 

Be Powerful

Once you have clarity on who you are and what you're meant to become, we will use coaching strategies to help you move forward in your life and to create the wealth, relationships, joy and experiences you desire. 

This process may move us in any number of directions and will be designed with the assistance of the Divine Self within you. It is a highly personalized program and will look different for everyone. You are unique and your journey must be also. 

Unleash Your Passion and Create Prosperity By Living An Authentic and Joyful Life

Step One: Let's visit for a few minutes on the phone or via email to see if we're a good fit

Step Two: 80 minute intake session $219

Step Three: Begin Your Healing and Growth! Investment will be determined by your intake session and will be catered to meet your needs.