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How can I best support my child after purchasing the recording?

What a great question! The VERY most important thing you can do to support your child and encourage positive change is to BE POSITIVE. Using positive and encouraging words is imperative. Our minds are listening always and if we truly want positive change we have to ask for it and believe it can happen. If you say things like "Julie, you can't sit still and this will never work." It won't. But if you say "Julie, you are so good at using your imagination. After you listen to the recording let's sit down and draw a picture of the things you got to see while listening and using your imagination."  Or "Sam, you're never going to stop wetting the bed. I don't know what's wrong with you." as opposed to "Sam! Your mind and body are learning and changing every day. I am so excited that you are beginning to learn how to stay dry each night. Don't get frustrated that you had an accident, it's just your body practicing and soon it's going to be ready to stay dry every night." 

The second best thing you can do is to LISTEN to the recording before your child ever does. That will serve a couple of good purposes. First, it will ensure that you agree with the methodology of the recording and feel comfortable offering it to your child. Second, it will give you the same vocabulary and make it much easier to discuss it and ask questions. It's fun for the child to describe to you what it was like to spin in a circle in the field of flowers or to tell you what their castle looked like or what clothing their guard was wearing or what kind of animal showed up in the meadow. Have fun with them! 

What age does my child need to be to benefit from these recordings?

Children of all ages can often be benefited by hypnosis. Typically I would recommend children ages five and older are best suited for the recordings as they are more able to understand the words and visualizations. If  you want to use the recordings with a younger child, or even an older child who struggles to hold still or focus, it is fine to simply have it playing in the background while they go about their regular playtime. I never cease to be amazed by how much even very young children are soaking in when we don't realize it. 

How many times do they have to listen to the recording for it to work?

This is a tough question because the answer is, it depends! It depends on the child and how engaged they are in listening and how much physical change also has to occur. For instance, Save the Thumbs and Sugar Ants may have a visible and immediate effect as it is simply a thought pattern that needs to change. Dry Nights! Goodbye Bedwetting can take longer, even weeks of regular listening to see consistent and permanent change as it is affecting both a mental and physical pattern. It's best to remember that repetition can never hurt and can always help. I suggest listening with the frequency that feels right to you, and your child. 

Is Hypnosis dangerous?

No! Hypnosis is actually a natural state of mind. Individuals go in and out of hypnosis several times a day. Children spend an even larger portion of their day in a state of hypnosis than most adults. Any time we are accessing memories and emotions or we feel a little "zoned out" or daydreaming, we are in a state of hypnosis. When we are in this state, our mind is more prone to accepting suggestions and change. Think of how often your child is zoned into a commercial and then for days is begging for the particular toy that was advertised; they were in a state of hypnosis and were highly susceptible to the suggestion of the advertisers.

What time of day should they listen?

Early morning and just as we're falling asleep are natural states of hypnosis and an ideal time to listen to the recordings. In the description it is noted for those that have a suggested time to listen. i.e. Bedwetting is most effective when listened to as they are falling asleep at night. 

I can't get my kids to listen to the recordings. Help!

It's super important that the children are listening to the recordings by choice. The recordings will likely have very little positive effect if the children are forced to participate. Before ever beginning the recordings it is good to discuss the reasons they might be interested in giving them a try. Discuss with them the positive benefits and let them know that the choice is theirs. You can offer incentives or set family goals etc to encourage participation. But then, leave the final decision up to them. 

Will these recordings work for everyone?

That depends on what you mean. Will Sugar Ants and Pump it Up completely solve the problem of electronic and sugar addictions? Probably not. Will Dry Nights make every child dry every night the first time they listen to it? Probably not. Will Happy Tummy stop kids from ever overeating again? Probably not. So why buy them? Because they help.  These recordings open the door to growth and positive change. They present the opportunity to begin the positive changes that you are desiring to see in your child. Hypnosis is a tool for change, not a magic pill. It is a very powerful tool and helpful in so many different areas of life and it's not uncommon to witness miraculous and immediate change. But typically, it is best used and most effective when combined with other tools, such as family discussions, individual therapy, and education.