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Embrace the Goddess

Create Your Healthiest and Most Beautiful Self- Inside and Out


For Those Seeking to Be the Most Beautiful Version of Themselves

There are so many reasons and so many ways we choose to be less than the most beautiful version of our self. "Embrace the Goddess" is a program for those who are ready to grow into their highest potential of Light, Truth, and Beauty. We address the inner voices, the inner fears, and the inner ugly. We embrace them with love, and like magic, the darkness melts away and we are left with the beautiful. The inner beautiful then guides the outer beautiful. Imagine standing in the fullness of your light and power, facing the mirror and smiling- loving every part of the woman looking back at you. 



Inner Beauty

Through discussion, teaching, self-reflection exercises, hypnotherapy, and energy healing, we address the negative internal voices.

We learn where they came from and what their intentions are. We heal what needs to be healed and dismiss what never belonged to you. We cut energetic cords and release the heavy weight that was placed upon you one criticism or painful experience at a time. 

We bring light and love into your being on a cellular level. We heal your energetic DNA and wash the slate clean. When we wash away the heavy darkness that was blocking your truth, you will be ready to stand tall and shine your light and beauty into the world. 

Outer Beauty

Outer beauty is a natural reflection of the beauty within us. As we shift and heal the inner voices and brighten your energetic light, you automatically become more beautiful! 

Along with shining your light, we will establish new patterns and let go of the old habits that have weighed you down and held you back. You will begin to treat your body with the respect and self-love that it deserves, and in turn it will be healthier, happier, and more beautiful. 

Depending on your specific goals, we will include a number of various options. Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Divine Channelling, Trim-Life, Meal Planning, Skin Care and Makeup Assistance are all available and will be brought in based upon your initial consultation. 

Step One: Let's visit for a few minutes on the phone or via email to see if we're a good fit

Step Two: 80 minute intake session $219

Step Three: Begin Your Healing and Growth! Investment will be determined by your intake session and will be catered to meet your needs.

Do I offer this program to Men? Yes, I do. I just preferred to name it "Embrace the Goddess"... If you'd prefer to "Embrace the God", we can do that too :)