Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Group Experiences

Group Classes are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and are hosted by individuals in private homes or office spaces. From 6 to 12 Participants.

$95 per person for classes in the Seattle, WA area


If you are ready for a day filled with learning, relaxation, friendship, and powerful healing, a Healing for Life group experience may be just what you need!


Each class consists of any combination of the following:

*Powerful Guided Meditations

*Group Sharing

*Teaching and Discussion based on chosen topic and as inspired by the needs of the group

*Observed Hypnotherapy Session(s)

*Group Healing Exercises


Group Classes are a powerful and wonderful way to jumpstart the healing process and/or to deepen the healing work you've already begun. They are also a good way to introduce healing work to friends and family who are curious but have questions or anxieties. Group Classes offer a level of healing and powerful energy that is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish in private sessions.

Observed hypnotherapy sessions serve many purposes: they allow individuals to see firsthand the healing experience of another person; they provide opportunity for each member of the group to participate in holding the individual in light and love and to provide the safety container to allow for the deepest level of healing; also, members of the group often report they've experienced deep personal healing after observing the healing of another


Group Experience Topics

(Others may be added as requested)


Healing from the Inside Out- An in-depth look at Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy


Body Wisdom- Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and How it Contributes to Pain and Disease


Deep Cleaning- Recognizing and Releasing Negative Entities and other Attachments


Finding the Light Again- A Heart-Centered approach to Healing from Depression and Mental Illness


Staying Balanced in An Unbalanced World- Introduction to Your Energy Body and How to Keep it Healthy


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