Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Hi friends!

I have decided to begin seeing clients in my own home; in a room I've dedicated for health and healing. There are several reasons for this and, honestly, I'm quite excited about the change! Having clients in my home eliminates one main issue that my seasoned clients can understand quite well: NOISE! Every now and then, well, actually, quite often, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy sessions can end up being quite loud. Emotions can swell and energy release often becomes quite intense. This makes it super difficult to maintain privacy and safety for my clients as well as a happy working relationship with other tenants in an office building or even other alternative healing centers of a more quiet nature. Being in my home will allow clients to comfortably experience and release every level of emotion without concern for who is on the other side of the wall.

Another important reason I'm excited to be making the switch is to allow for better energy flow and management. In an office space I have no control over who is coming in and out and what type of negative energy they are bringing and leaving behind. The feeling of an office building can be hard to keep neutral let alone positive and vibrating high. Within my smaller and dedicated healing space, I will be able to clear any negative energy residue between each session and work to keep the environment one where positive energy can flow.

The office building I am currently in is being renovated and leased to a larger company. At first I was saddened to know I would need to relocate; I am quite attached to my current space! But things always work the way they are meant to and this change is definitely going to be a positive one. As I searched for a new space I meditated quite a lot on the decision. And then the answer came clearly and unexpectedly: Use the room in your home! 

After processing and overcoming my own reservations and hesitations, I am now pleased to announce this decision. Change can be difficult but also amazingly positive.

I welcome you into the energy of my home and know that it will be a place of healing.


Light and Love,