Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Soul Cleanse

Heal at the Deepest Levels and Open to The Greatest Joy

The Soul Cleanse Program is for those who are seeking healing and restoration. Life experiences often leave us with the heavy weight of pain, fear, abandonment, confusion, anger, sadness, and regret. Our soul is longing for Light, Fulfillment, Love, and Joy but the weight of these burdens is so heavy we have trouble shining our light and creating these realities. Just as the clouds hide the sun, this darkness often hides our light. 

If you are feeling empty, broken, stuck, or unable to move forward, it's time to heal. Your beautiful soul is calling and anxious to be seen again.

Be restored to the truth and beauty of you who are by committing yourself to this healing journey.

Energy Cleansing

Sometimes our body gets dirty. We play in the mud, we sweat, we get rained on, snowed on, sometimes even hailed on. Our body may get attacked by viruses and other diseases. It may have a blood sucker or parasite latch on and try to suck our life away. If we never took a shower, used an antibiotic, or paid any attention to caring for our body, it's safe to say we'd be one nasty looking person and likely wouldn't feel too good either. 

Science tells us that everything is made up of energy. At your core YOU are energy. And when we don't take time to cleanse, heal, and balance our energy-body, it's the same as living a life without ever showering...perhaps even worse.

The Soul Cleanse program cares for your energetic body in ways that helps you feel like you've just stepped out of the best shower of your life. We release darkness, cut unhealthy energetic cords, balance your flow and raise your vibration, and wash off energy that never belonged to you. We check for other types of dark energy attachments and energetic parasites that suck your energy and weaken your soul. This release of so much gunk will leave you feeling lighter than perhaps you've felt in a very long while. 

Soul Retrieval

We often hear people say, "It broke my heart." And "I feel so empty." And even "I just don't feel like myself anymore." These are examples of soul loss. 

We literally lose pieces of our self during various moments of our lifetime. Some pieces we hide, some we reject, some we willingly give away believing its right, and some break off during times of intense pain or trauma. 

During the Soul Cleanse program, we seek out these lost pieces of YOU. We find them. We identify what they represent- your heart, your courage, your faith, your childlike innocence or joy, and then we help them find their way back.

The transition back to wholeness is beautiful and powerful. It's like reuniting with a long lost friend. Feelings of emptiness and loneliness dissipate as we reclaim the beauty and truth that belongs within us. 

Whether these losses occurred early in life or through more recent events, they can be found, healed, and reclaimed. These pieces miss you and long for their return. 

Inner Healing

What you see in the mirror is such a small portion of who you are. Below the surface are personalities, emotions, and beliefs systems at play. These subconscious parts of you are affecting all that you do and all that you are. 

Our Inner Child is often longing for attention, understanding, and love. Like a child it seeks these things, but not always in the healthiest ways. We may have a rebellious Teenager within us, who still acts out or explodes in anger, unable to express herself. We may have a part of us who feels she is unworthy of love, and rejects it before it can reject her. We may have a part within us who feels afraid and who continually vibrates at the level of fear, triggering anxiety or panic attacks, attracting energy that proves her fears. 

We may have a part who experienced painful loss, who believes that she is now alone and abandoned. No matter who enters your life, this part of you will continue to have this belief until it is seen, heard and healed. 

Through hypnotherapy and regressions we are able to identify and understand these inner pieces of you who are longing to be healed. And, we can help them heal. 

"Heal the inner world and the outer world heals itself"- Jyoti Ma

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Step Two: Let's visit for a few minutes on the phone or via email to see if we're a good fit for private sessions.

Step Three: 80 minute intake session $219

Step Four: We create plan to best support you, shifting and changing it as needed

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