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This isn't a diet. This isn't a lifestyle.

This is your LIFE! And it's time to LOVE it! 

Trim-Life® is an internationally practiced and beautiful program designed to heal your relationship with food and your body. Dedicating six weeks to this program will empower you to manage both your hunger and your weight by addressing body, mind, and spirit. Through the power of hypnosis you will be able to change your mental attitude about food and eating. You will learn to love yourself regardless of what you weigh and you will no longer have to punish yourself with destructive eating habits. The changes come naturally and effortlessly as you faithfully follow the guidelines and participate within the online group.

Powerful healing and change comes to each individual in a natural and beautiful way. The program is designed for individuals of all shapes, sizes, weights, gender, and background who have a desire to love and heal their body as well as end the constant relationship battle with food and eating based addictions. You will be amazed at the changes that occur in body, mind, and spirit. You will walk away filled with greater love and light. You will naturally begin making healthier choices and increase desire to better care for your amazing body. Your body will recognize the shift in energy and respond by helping you discover and maintain your healthiest weight.

If you don't feel AMAZING in the body you have, it's time for change!


A Powerful Six Week Focused Program

WEEK ONE: Collapse Unwanted Cravings. Reconnect with your body and its needs

WEEK TWO: Boost Metabolism, Shrink the Stomach, and Increase Motivation for Physical Activity

WEEK THREE: Free Yourself from Emotional Eating

WEEK FOUR: End Self-Sabotage and Replace it with Self-Care

WEEK FIVE: Understand Mindless Eating and Naturally Shift toward healthier patterns

WEEK SIX: Learn to release PERFECTIONISM and Align with Self-Acceptance

My video from when I started a few years ago. Covers some of the basics of the program. Note that the program is now Six weeks rather than Four.

Join Melody on a powerful and healing journey to naturally release weight and realign with the highest good of your body. www.healingforlifewa.com/trim-life