Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Spiritual Tune-Up

Rediscover Your Inner Light and Remember Who You Are


Connect with Divine Energy

We come into this world with an open channel to the Divine. Through pain, misunderstanding, feelings of unworthiness, and doubt that accumulate through life experiences, this channel is often blocked from its highest vibration and ability. As we work to clear and re-open this channel, you are able to again sense the truth of who you are- a divine, radiant being filled with light, love, and unlimited potential. 

Align with Your Highest Self

There is great wisdom and truth within you- a Highest Self who is unburdened by the cares or weight of this world. This part of you sees clearly and understands your life path. As we work to rediscover this divine and beautiful part of your soul, you will find great peace in better understanding who you are and the purpose you are serving in being on this planet at this time. 

Step One: Let's visit for a few minutes on the phone or via email to see if we're a good fit

Step Two: 80 minute intake session $219

Step Three: Begin Your Healing and Growth! Investment will be determined by your intake session and will be catered to meet your needs.