Healing for Life

Soul Guided Healing and Personal Growth

Heart- Centered Hypnotherapy

You are amazing. Honestly. I can tell you that even prior to meeting you simply because it's true. Since you're reading this I can deduce that you have a human mind. And that makes you undeniably amazing, fantastic, and awesome. Your mind is unique; there is no one else who has a mind exactly like yours. It is filled with experiences, emotions, memories, patterns, programs, abilities, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, instinct, rational and creative ability; let alone the complex physical make-up that makes it all possible and controls the rest of your body simultaneously.

There are two parts within your awe-inspiring mind; the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious is for rational thinking, processing, analyzing, and short-term memory. The subconscious is where we store our long-term memories, emotions, established habits and behavior patterns, addictions, as well as personal beliefs and attitudes about our life.

Through hypnosis we can access memories, experiences, and emotions with the intention of better understanding ourselves, our current life, stress, and emotional triggers. You will likely be quite amazed at the self-awareness that comes. Most individuals are highly un-aware of why they do the things they do and why they feel the way they feel. Hypnotherapy is designed to uncover the underlying reasons in order to bring awareness and positive change. It is an incredibly self-empowering experience.

Our subconscious mind holds every experience you've ever had. Let that sink in for a minute. And not only everything you've experienced, but also everything you've seen, heard, felt, induced, believed, and concluded. The subconscious mind stores information the conscious mind may not be able to immediately fully process and understand.

As you can imagine, and quite unfortunately, not every program and file embedded in the subconscious mind is positive or to our life advantage. Often it is filled with very painful and fear-inducing memories. Our "Life-bowl" gets filled with all types of yucky gunk and filth, giving every other part of our life that bitter undertone or aftertaste. We begin to fear opening ourselves up to the good because we believe each time we do, we will also re-experience the bad. Expecting the bad attracts it to us and we continue to have negative experiences which re-affirm our belief that life is painful and hard.

Heart-centered Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully designed therapeutic process. Its intention is to reveal our long- held negative patterns, emotions, triggers, and subconscious conclusions in order to process them and heal. Society teaches us that emotions are wrong or a sign of weakness. For that purpose, and to avoid hurting the feelings of others, we habitually bury our emotions rather than expressing them. Because we have denied ourselves the opportunity to express our emotions in healthy ways, they become buried inside of us, pushed into our body where their negative presence affects us, our body, and our relationships with others in many ways- mentally, spiritually, and physically. Consequently we are often sabotaging the thing we actually want most of all- a happy and successful life, including loving relationships, freedom to accomplish our dreams, and healthy love for ourselves and others.

The potential benefits of hypnotherapy are literally endless. If you think "Hmm. . .I wonder if it would help me with....?" My answer is very likely "Yes!" The more we identify and release the negative and detrimental patterns and beliefs from our subconscious mind, the more room we will create to invite light and love into our mind, heart, and lives. As we seek light, darkness naturally fades away.

I have a healthy respect for all practices of various medicine, and appreciate many Western practices and medications. However, it has always been and continues to be my belief that giving natural and holistic modalities a try first will always be to our benefit. Give your body and spirit the opportunity to tap into its own self-healing powers and abilities. As a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, it is my privilege to guide you through the process of accessing the healing power already available within yourself and empowering you to make the positive changes you desire.   

Private sessions often include a brief informal conversation to begin understanding the issues you wish to address, a hypnotic induction leading to a very calm and relaxed physical and mental state of being, age regressions to identify patterns and beliefs and to uncover emotional experiences triggering current life stress, energy release via expression and other various exercises, and a beautiful healing process at the end to begin reprogramming the mind with healthier beliefs and patterns. You will be fully aware of everything I am saying and doing; at no point will you become unconscious or unaware. The level of hypnosis we enter allows you to stay in control at all times. My purpose is not to dive in and explore your mind, but rather, to allow you to more fully access your own mind in an effort to come to self-awareness and empowerment.