Healing for Life

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DAY THREE: It's Working!

Well friends, today was kind of tough. I got super lightheaded a couple of times. After a couple hours of it not letting up, I did a meditation to tune into my body. It told me I needed an avocado. So I added an avocado to my juice regime today. And it was absolutely amazing- taste and positive effect. I then checked in with some juicing gurus who assured me that blending an avocado into the juice is A OK. It's a fruit that can't be juiced and must be blended :)

My body is showing signs of positive change. My bloating is down and I've released 4 pounds! Three days, four pounds. Pretty amazing really. I'm feeling better in my body already. The trips to the bathroom are really super annoying but I'm working on appreciating even that. I'm sure every trip is adding to the positive effects my body is beginning to feel and it's worth it. 

I did the same four juices today as yesterday- plus the avocado around 3:00. I am excited to try some new ones tomorrow. The Mean Green is tough for me to swallow. Perhaps in time my tastebuds will get adjusted lol

I'm surprised to find that I still don't feel any hunger. Cravings and moments where the food around me looks good, yes. But not hunger. 

Seven more days feels like a loooong time away. But I can do this. <3